23 August 2010

The Young Lions

As Lt. Christian Diestl, Marlon Brando lights Mai Britt's cigarette in The Young Lions.
A mere 13 years after the end of the war, our most charismatic actor starred as a reluctant Nazi. He ends up badly, in dying in a crucifix position on barbed wire.
Poor Montgomery Clift -- in his tailspin -- couldn't manage to hold his end up as the reluctant Jew to balance it all out.
In the novel, the Diestl character is a definite bad guy, or rather, an average man who becomes more and more corrupt.
We always had a hard-on for German glamour over here. Especially Jewish Hollywood.
Speilberg couldn't help himself. Tarantino couldn't. Even Polanski couldn't help himself.
We love men in uniforms, especially Nazi ones.
(Miss Britt became Mrs. Sammy Davis, Jr.)

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