04 August 2010

Poetry in Motion: I'm in

I've been invited to participate in Poetry in Motion as a filmmaker. That means, I'll get a poem at midnight this Friday, and I have a week to make a movie that will be due the following Friday. This will be shown in competition with the other work on that Saturday.

Let me know if you want to help out.

The dangers are many. Few things are less poetic than someone sweating earnestly to achieve "poetry" on film. I read poetry voluntarily, with pleasure. I like a few movies that have been called "poetic". But, to paraphrase Goebbels, when I hear the word poetic, I want to reach for my revolver.

Here are some more details from the official Facebook page:

The other participants are:

Johnny Morehouse
Tara Rynders
Matt Talarico and Ben Garst
Lindsay Stephen and Matthew Perino
Alex Sharp-Cole

August 8 at 7:30pm - August 14 at 11:00pm
Location    Mercury Cafe, Packing House Center for the Arts, Bindery | space

More Info   
This year’s Fast Forward Fringe film program presents three art-packed events in downtown Denver spun around our debut filmmaking contest, “Poetry In Motion” where a handful of local filmmakers and poets are joining forces to create new films over the course of a week:

Sunday 8 August, 2010 7:30pm $5 donation
Mercury Café Poetry Slam
...2199 California St, Denver, CO 80205

Night uno of Poetry in Motion will most assuredly be compared to watching a koala catch on fire, run around, and then explode. Against the backdrop of the Mercury Café’s nationally renowned poetry slam, meet our Poetry In Motion filmmakers and poets, who will headline as the featured talent for the night. See and hear their distinct works and meet the courageous participants, along with a slew of other mind-blowing local acts. Libations will be present, as will creative energy, silliness, side stitches, bad ankles, dancing, perfect lighting for your complexion, and we are sure you will fall in love.

BUY TICKETS: $5 donation at the door

Wednesday 11 August, 2010 7pm $10
Packing House Center for the Arts
835 E 50th Ave, Denver, Co 80216

A night of performance, poetry and panel that will be the rough equivalent of talking to a drunk nobleman. The night will feature readings from Mike McGee, music from Ian Cooke, performance by Tara Rynders, and the art of Ravi Zupa, with panel guests also including Junior Burke (novelist, dramatist, songwriter), Joan Bruemmer (Band of Toughs), Sandra Gabrych (Colorado Film School) and Patrick Mueller (Control Group Productions). We anticipate so many “Ah-ha” moments that you will be peeing in your neighbor’s drink while they smile and laugh and tell you they are too happy to care!

BUY TICKETS: https://www.ticketturtle.com/index.php?show=17309

Saturday 14 August, 2010 7pm $10
Bindery | Space
770 22nd St. Denver, CO 80205

This night is IT. After a week of picking, culling, developing, tweaking, filming, etcetera-ing, you will finally learn the identity of your real father! Oh, wait, no that is another thing, a thing that we are not doing. Ah, here it is, the screening party and the big reveal of the winning filmmaker-poet pair. Come out and see all the finished films with pre-show performance from singer-songwriter Alex Sharp-Cole, performance by world-class juggler Cindy Marvell and live painting by Kamla Presswalla and Tony Achilles, and boogie your drawers off to the sweet, sweet tunes of DJ Ginger Perry.

BUY TICKETS: https://www.ticketturtle.com/index.php?show=17310

Advance tickets:

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