18 August 2010

Poetry in Motion I: the Poem

This is the poem that was randomly assigned to me, written by Cindy Marvel. She is also an accomplished juggler.

Things That Fall

Exploring the pattern of things that fall
Through airy heights to footloose earth
Of catches made and objects lost
Throws forgotten or wildly tossed--
I think back to the hands that threw
In ancient times fluoresced with dew
From jesters--troubadours of kings--
To the ceremony of linking rings;
So loving earth and ridge and sky
I hold a ball
--let it fly.

It leaps and crashes, curves around
And snakes its way from hand to hand
And rolls through caves to learn the ground
And bubbles over this sphere of land.
And when the arc flips out of sight
And little stays to mark the flight
Will I stay in love’s enthrall
With things that hover--
things that fall?

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