28 December 2011


In fact, all of us who live on earth together during a particular time and who experience together all earthly joys and sorrows, seeing one and the same sky, loving and hating, ultimately, the same things, and everyone, down to the last man, doomed to one and the same execution, the same disappearance from the face of the earth, all of us should harbor for each other a feeling of utmost tenderness, of poignant intimacy that moves us to tears, and we should simply cry out in fear and pain when fate separates us, since  ever present is the possibility  that any separations even for ten minutes, may become eternal. But as everyone knows we are, ordinarily, not the least given to such feelings, and we often part from even those most dear to us in a way that could not possibly be more frivolous.
Ivan Bunin, Way Back When

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