05 October 2010

Always carry a notebook

Always carry a notebook. And I mean always. The short-term memory only retains information for three minutes; unless it is committed to paper you can lose an idea for ever.
Will Self


  1. dude, I tried carrying around a tattoo gun
    didnt work
    a calepin
    I'll try it
    and a Pilot .05, you know them
    there the best
    they,re like the AR-15 of whats going on
    je parle littérature, I mean
    oh, I tried dope and a magnetophone too
    also didnt work
    I sold the thing to score more dope
    ...a calepin
    fuck, all I had to do from the beginning
    I feel like such an amateur, a complete loser
    pardon me, pardon me me friend
    i'm having one of them "épisode"
    dont worry, I'll get over it and be fine

    that was one hell of a ride
    that white car
    whats your guest ?
    a Nova ? an Acadian ?
    (I'm sure its a GM)

    anyhow, mucho-drunk-blablabla
    as I'm full of it today
    we need to get together sometime around some beverages and have a talk
    I groove you, man

    peace out
    white noise

  2. D'accord, le magnetophone ne vaut rien, le calepin avec un Pilot, that's my axe, too.
    Any time, soyez bienvenue, et merci d'être venu.