01 September 2010

20 scripts in 30 Days

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During September, I'm going to read 20 scripts. This is a task prescribed by some how to make films guide or another. At first, I thought it would be better to read one script 20 times. After all, I've read a fair amount of screenplays already.But, it seemed to make more sense when I thought about the screenplays I've been meaning to read. And the sheer repetition of the form together with the volume of exposure could be worthwhile. Just beat the greatness into my head. And, after all, I could spend October digging into my favorites.

I'll make some notes about my reading, because that forces you to think about the material. These will be notes to myself, to make sure I'm learning something and digesting the scripts, rather than just plowing through. 

And I'll be writing my own stuff as well, because this could turn into one of those massive diversions that seem important, but become a form of avoidance for doing some real work.
Let the reading begin.

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