03 June 2010

RIP, part one

I'm sorry to report that one of my favorite blogs has gone dark. Crasses et voluptés went under. I miss it a lot already.
Pat Caza is a brilliant writer who offered up hunks of text the way a butcher slaps down hunks of fine, juicy steaks -- with abandon, with richness, with passion, and with the inside understanding that something there is going to nourish you right down to the toes.
Plus it was a great curatorial site, reminding you of the power of the blues and the icons that rule over our shabby little gutter.
I salute your work. I wish I'd taken the time to honor it more than with a mention on my blog roll.
I hope Caza will be back, too.


  1. thanks man
    you can now erase that
    I's back

  2. Nah, I'll leave it up. Why wait to say nice things until something is gone?
    Glad that you resurrected the blog.
    (Sort of like Jesus.)