14 June 2010

Home movies

From COPS, the television show where you get to see lives ruined right in front of your eyes. It's cool, though, for the economy of how emotions are lived. Even though there are some histrionics, it never goes down the way it would in movieland.

(Personally, I feel really only a few steps up the rung from a few of those guys.)

The main problem with the show is that the police are always portrayed as sane, benevolent men and women, sort of a thin blue line idea, rather than the more complicated people they are off camera. The contrast with the people they're busting on camera, helps, too.

Now, a show that documented police getting busted for lying, bribe-taking, brutality and torture would probably not be as flashy, but a whole lot more fun to watch. I can imagine some buzz-cut thug-with-a-badge getting hauled off at 3:00 AM would be quieter, more stoic, less operatic, but still. . . pure viewing pleasure.

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