08 April 2010

Tumblr explained

Tumblr explained. The 1:9:90 rule aka “Nielsens Law” of social networks. Which are you, hipster underclass sharecropper?
    * 90% of users are the “audience”, or lurkers. The people tend to read or observe, but don’t actively contribute.
    * 9% of users are “editors”, sometimes modifying content or adding to an existing thread, but rarely create content from scratch.
    * 1% of users are “creators”, driving large amounts of the social group’s activity. More often than not, these people are driving a vast percentage of the site’s new content, threads, and activity.

via Feasting on Roadkill


  1. Only on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.

    And sometimes between the sheets (mais ne direz pas un mot á ma légitime, s.v.p)