16 April 2010

M. Thierry Marignac reads "Racailles" by V. Kozlov

This is Thierry Marignac's French translation of the Russian novel; the title translates to something like 'Scum' or "Scumbags" in English. I believe that if M. Marignac wished, he could have a third career -- after writer and translator -- as a movie tough guy, along the lines of Lee Marvin, only, you know, French.)

(The camera operator should buy a tripod, though, and figure out how the white balance works; it'll look much better.)


  1. T looks soo great on film! You should finally put
    your film Port in! (remember , he plays a sailor)!!

  2. I'll do it only if the Archbishop of Canterbury comes to the première.
    Thanks, Tim.