16 December 2009

Happy Birthday, Joe!

If you're wondering what connects Don Menza, Percy Grainger and Igor Stravinsky, I'll tell you: They're all currently on my son Joe's hit list. He is a man of obsessive and grand enthusiasms. These are his right now.

He has the gift of being absolutely himself, of being comfortable in his own skin. Even the onslaught of high school hasn't made much of a dent in that.

He's a gifted musician and artist -- the kind of person who will happily spend all Saturday night composing music for the sheer joy (and occasional frustration) of it.

And I'm lucky to hear every note.


  1. Happy birthday Joe,
    Music is the best passion in life, be happy and bring joyce to other's also !

  2. Thank you for the fine wishes!! I will pass them along.