08 December 2009

Geography lesson

I guess, as a native, Zizek would know, but it seems . . . lacking.
Plus, it doesn't at all look like the Mason-Dixon line -- y'know, the one that divides the US North and South.


  1. you know I'd have to come out of hiding on this one. Falls flat for me too in this case--he often plays it so loose that he slides into the role of the jester/fool, which serves to undermine his efficacy at the moment the words leave his mouth (his own criticism of the Left which he stages far too often IMHO). He should have said "You think this is a river, eh but you are wrong, it is a belt. Below the belt we have the Balkans, the sexually fetishized "other" of Europe....

    and to heap his own analysis back on him, he'd have to say it's precisely because he is a native that he thinks he knows but is wrong.

  2. Yes, but the jester role gives him an audience, a way to grab attention from people who might never check out his more considered work, no?
    And I smell ham, too.