26 September 2013

Prayer for François Villon

Prayer for François Villon

As long, as the earth keeps turning,
As long, as the sun is above,
Almighty, please give to all of us
The things that we do not have:

Grant a mind to the wise man,
The coward, grant him a horse,
The happy man, let him have money,
...And don't forget "your's truly".

As long as the earth keeps turning,
Almighty, as is your wont,
Grant to the one striving for power
Rule as much as he wants.

Grant a break to the generous
At least till the start of dusk.
Grant repentance to Cain
...And don't forget "yours truly".

I know that you have the Power
I've faith in your wisdom,
Believing,as does a dead soldier,
That right in Heaven He dwells.

As truly,every being believes:
That all that you say is true,
As we go on believing,
Not knowing what we do.

O Lord of my life, Almighty,
Blond tresses and green of eye,
As long as the earth keeps turning
Although it still wonders, "why?"

As long as it still has some time left
and fire to keep its course,
Grant something to everybody
...And don't forget "yours truly".

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