12 December 2012


Everyone needs a good alien story, so here's yours.

It's completely true. I know the guy who tells it -- and he only tells it rarely, and only when pressured, because he's still spooked about it. It also has some physical evidence left behind, which I'll tell you about.

So this guy, Steve, went to high school in rural Minnesota. It's a Saturday night, and there's a dance at school. He and two of his pals went off to the woods to drink a six pack in peace.

Suddenly, from the roof of the car, they hear a clank -- a metal-on-metal thunk. They look around. Nobody. Nothing.

Then, from the same post, they hear a kind of sucking, puckery sound. Like a big metal suction cup. The sound starts off slowly, then the rhythm gets faster and faster. Totally freaked out, the driver drops the transmission into reverse, and they scream out of there and don't stop until they get back to the school dance.

They get out in the school parking lot and look at the car roof. A rectangular shape, about the size of a brick,  is glowing. Someone had the smarts to take a picture of the mark.

No matter how they tried in the days afterwards, they couldn't remove the rectangle from the roof.

I've seen the picture. Even with the flash, you can still make out a distinctly glowing shape on the top of the Gran Torino.


  1. I never talk too much about it
    quite disturbing
    but I have this thing here on my belly I got from "them" I'm sure
    looks like a small hole
    I believe I used to live on their planet
    this is the spot from where they were feeding me
    no shit

  2. I feel you.
    Planet Mom.
    The most terrifying place in the universe. I hear you spend your life either trying to escape or trying to get back.