10 August 2011

Members of the Danish Resistance

From Sartorialist (of all places): a reader submitted this photo, and said, "My Grandfather was a freedom fighter in Denmark during the second World War. This picture makes me feel very proud of him!" (Mette Lind Jørgensen)

I look at it and think -- look how happy those guys are! A glint of glee in nearly every eye. 
Lucky bastards! Even though war's not a picnic, not even in Denmark. But you'd be forgiven for believing it to be one, judging from this picture. Take away the submachine gun, and they could be going out for a hunt; take away all the guns and it almost looks like a wedding party.
Maybe it's naive to say, but, really, how great it would be to go out and shoot and blow up things for a good cause, and to live to tell your grandchildren.


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