08 February 2010

Gig of the week

This is from the Denver Craig's List:
Passionate Couple Seeking Female Videographer (Denver)
from craigslist | creative gigs in denver / boulder
Hello everyone and thanks for checking out our ad. We are a passionate, attractive, loving couple, she is 28 and I am 32, who has recently reconnected after 9 years of falling out of touch. We have a very romantic story and deep feelings for each other that grow stronger each day. We are also both very sensual and sexual and have talked about expressing that in making a home video but have decided it would be even more of a beautiful memory of us making love if we could have someone else do all the work with the camera and lights. So it comes down to us seeking a professional minded female videographer with an eye for passion filming us in either the location of my apartment or possibly a room in the Hotel Teatro or the Brown Palace. Your roll is to film and work the lighting equipment set up. The camera and lighting will be very high end. We want as professionally a recorded video as possible. Nothing at all tacky or cheap. We will be making love and we want all of our emotion to be captured in that way as well as the uncensored heat between us. Again, nothing cheap or like lifeless staged porn. This video is for us and only us. You will not be keeping or editing anything but you will be paid well and in cash. We intend to have you film and nothing more as we want it to remain completely our own and very much appreciate your understanding. We are also very serious and fully intend on doing this using someone as the videographer who we have first met in person and then are comfortable with. Please, when responding, take this matter very seriously as will we, but also know we are both very very friendly and approachable. Really looking forward to hearing from you all and we'll respond with more details about where, when, and how we here we can meet in a safe public place to say hello and discuss details. Again, thank you.

I didn't make this up -- for one thing, I can spell better. For another, really, how could anyone make this up? It sounds like the beginning of a post-modern Hitchcock scenario, or maybe just another variation on the delivery man opener.

All I gotta say is, it's a good thing they're planning the first meeting in a safe public place -- about the only whiff of sense in the thing.

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  1. It would be interesting how much cash they plan to spend on that "artistic undertaking"! I can totally
    see their very banal fantasy coming to life in the most peculiar way once they found some "qualified" cinematic help! Are you sure it's not some kind of joke?? hehe