21 September 2009

Uncharitable donations

A friend of mine works occasionally for a charitable school that educates poor children. To raise funds, the institution sends out brochures featuring the more doe-eyed of their students.

This works. In the nonprofit fundraising world, it’s apparently a well-known principle that cute kids bring in more dollars than their less photogenic brothers and sisters.

This approach has a downside, though. The school is obliged to keep a full-time employee on staff who screens and investigates the pedophiles who, attracted by the glossy, colorful images in their brochures, try to contact its students.

Recently, they ran a photo of a successful student of theirs: beauty queen, college student, athlete, the works.

She received more than 6,000 marriage offers.

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  1. digging your new blog!
    very stimulating (intellectually)!
    is it better then mine? better not be!

  2. Ah, nothing can beat the brilliance of your dada-esque fantasia, so why worry?